Our first hint that sleep is synonymous with looking good was probably when Sleeping Beauty dozed for 100 years and awoke even more breathtaking than before. Sleep deprivation is the original Wicked Witch causing a range of unpleasant effects which include irritability, cognitive impairment and depression.

Whereas getting enough sleep is our Fairy Godmother bestowing an array of benefits that include energy, positive attitude and a heartier immune system. And can we talk about its magnificent impact on your appearance?

Sleep fights bags under the eyes and wards off wrinkles, we all know that. But did you know lack of sleep causes weight gain? According to a University of Leeds study the average waistline of those sleeping six hours a night was 1.2 inches larger than those who slept seven to nine hours. Tired and chubby? Not exactly win-win, is it?

Getting a full night’s slumber also allows collagen proteins released during sleep to repair and strengthen damaged skin cells. And you can maximize beauty rest by using a satin or silk pillowcase as those fibers reduce tangling of the hair and minimize friction on the skin. And less friction means slower development of fine lines and wrinkles.

It turns out consuming alcohol before bed both erodes sleep quality and contributes to dehydration, meaning it’s more likely you’ll awaken with puffy eyes. So if you do imbibe we recommend doubling down with a big glass of H2O to counteract those less-than-glamorous effects.

Of course Sleeping Beauty didn’t get a chance to wash her face, but we know going to bed without doing so can clog pores, increase breakouts, irritate the eyes, and restrict your skin’s ability to ‘breathe.’

So the magic spell? Snoozing for seven to nine hours dispels dark circles, wrinkles, and excess weight while encouraging a smoother, lovelier complexion. Hmmmm. Or should I say: Zzzzzzz.


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