Ariel is a dedicated Massage Therapist who is truly passionate about her profession. Working on a 1000 hr. practitioner certification, Ariel has various massage modalities within her realm of experience. The therapeutic modalities she most enjoys practicing tend to be within subtle body systems using medical qigong, acupressure, neural tracking and cranial sacral.

Ariel Rubin, Skin Deep Santa Barbara

“We live in an adrenal fatigued society. Too often life becomes a roller coaster ride. We’ve forgotten how to be slow and listen to what our body, mind and spirit are telling us.” Ariel’s premise is this: “When we’re fully present with our subtle body systems the opportunity for parasympathetic homeostasis occurs … and the natural healing chemicals, already within us, may be released. This body work can change our roller coaster to a ride that is Cadillac smooth.”

Hailing from the city of Chicago, Ariel was born into a lineage of healers, leaders and teachers. Ariel’s legacy is to be a holistic antidote through the embodiment of love.

Besides practicing bodywork Ariel is a professional performance vocalist and yoga teacher. She strives to combine all that she loves into a therapeutic journey while staying in tune with the rhythms of life.

Ariel’s Faves: Dr. Khalili Cream, HillsBalm, Goe Oil Skin Balm and Mountain Ocean Coconut Moisturizer.