Cecilia holds the unique honor of being one of Skin Deep’s most outstanding Estheticians for over 19 years. Her track record for making clients happy has truly stood the test of time.

Cecilia Denney, Skin Deep Santa Barbara

Over the course of her career as a skincare professional at Skin DeepCecilia has helped shape the many changes which have developed in our Facial Salon with her invaluable input and recommendations. Her knowledge of our primary product lines continues to flourish as she guides her clients as to what skincare systems are best for each of their needs.

She excels in her profession because: “I love one on one communication, and helping people relax, especially in these turbulent times. I enjoy giving clients all of my attention away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. I make recommendations to my clients for their perfect home regimen based on their specific needs.”

Cecilia says her long tenure at Skin Deep is due to loving her clients, as well as the people she works with, adding: “being part of a locally owned family business such as Skin Deep is very important to me.”

With all the lush and wonderful treatments available at Skin Deep, Cecilia’s favorite is still the Essential European Facial. Maybe that’s because Cecilia believes in the essentials; people taking care of people, and doing it with warmth, respect, and humanity.

Cecilia’s Skincare Product Faves: Decleor, Dermalogica, ARC, & Glo.