Joi is as passionate about her vocation as a Hair Stylist today – as she was in 1987 when she moved to Santa Barbara. However, those roots run even deeper.

Joi Kohn Skin Deep Santa Barbara

By the time Joi was 16, she already enjoyed playing with hair and makeup. “Little did I know I’d fall in love with this field as a teenager … and end up just as excited about my professional career now that I’m in my 40’s!”

For more than 23 years Joi’s loyal Skin Deep clients have come to her for stylish cuts, color, and perms. Most recently she’s added rave reviews for her highly touted Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

Joi says: “What I think keeps me so happy at ‘the Deep’ is the wonderful staff, and the way we all share each other’s interests and creativity. You can’t beat the camaraderie!”

Joi’s innate curiosity has led her to many outside activities. Ask her about almost anything done outdoors, and she’s either actively involved or about to try it. But if you really want to see her light up, ask her about being a mom.

Joi’s Haircare Product Faves: Enjoy Haircare, Moroccan Oil, Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil and Pureology Haircare.