Leeza Hamberger

Leeza has proven she’s up for every challenge. At Skin Deep that includes being a popular Hair Stylist, a renowned Massage Therapist, and for many years up to the present…a wonderful Esthetician.

Leeza Hamberger Skin Deep Santa Barbara

On the Skin Deep team since 1986, with a 5-year hiatus in L.A., we asked what drew her back to Santa Barbara? “I’m spoiled. Doesn’t everybody want to live in paradise?”

Leeza has always been a healer, as demonstrated by her time working with Mother Teresa. At Skin Deep she “loves to provide my clients with the feeling of being pampered and cared for. Also, I’m intrigued by how one ages gracefully, and learning to love one’s self at any age.”

Consequently, it should be no surprise Leeza’s favorite service is giving facials. It’s the natural extension of caring that started with her work as a massage therapist.

But it may seem incongruous that such a tender soul is also an expert waxer. But think about it… when you have waxing done, don’t you want an Esthetician who is wholly invested in your comfort?

Leeza’s outside interests include travel, art (painting in particular), working with children, and spending time with her dog Little Bear.

Leeza’s Faves: Murad “Great for acne and aging skin,” and the natural approach of Decleor “It works on all levels of your being… mind, body, and skin.”