Mandy is another proud Santa Barbara native on the Skin Deep team. Mandy started working at Skin Deep in 2006 while attending high school.. Through all of these years at Skin Deep, she has acquired a vast base of product knowledge attending many training classes and assisting retail customers. She recently chose to become an Esthetician because: “my interest in skincare product technology combined with my passion for making women feel beautiful, relaxed, and de-stressed… all felt like the perfect fit.”

Mandi Romero, Skin Deep Santa Barbara

Mandy has a degree in psychology, and is currently pursuing her nursing prerequisites. So she understands both the mental and physical well-being of her clients.

(When we tell you she enjoys doing extractions, maybe her medical background explains why.) Her psychology work may explain why she’s so fascinated by what clients have to say about various services and products.

Mandy’s biggest passion outside of work is dancing. Something she’s been doing since she was three years old, and “can’t imagine life without it. I believe incorporating fitness into a weekly routine leads to a healthier mind, body, and soul.”

Mandy’s Faves: Murad and Dermalogica “I absolutely love them. And when it comes to Dermalogica… I couldn’t survive without my Daily Microfoliant – it leaves my skin smooth and glowing.”