Tessie always had a profound interest in skin. Even in grade school when other girls would lie in the sun at the beach, Tessie refused because “the idea of burning my skin, like they did, just didn’t sit well. And who wants the wrinkles?”

Tessie Colson, Skin Deep Santa Barbara

Tessie grew up in a salon environment, with her aunt doing her nails and her sister styling her hair. Consequently she loves both the atmosphere, and working with clients. Plus her commitment to taking care of skin runs deep.

“Skin care is fun and interactive, but it’s much more than just vanity. It’s a science. Ingredients, chemistry, formulations, skin types, skin conditions… it’s all so fascinating. A world unto itself I get lost in, because it’s absolutely my passion.”

It’s hard to say what Tessie’s specialties are, since she gives 100% to each and every client. However, waxing is something her clients return for again and again, and “Brazilian bikinis have become a big part of my repertoire.”

For six years Tessie has been building happy relationships with clients at Skin Deep. In addition she dances with a jazz/hip-hop group, goes to the gym, and splits her time between L.A. and her hometown of Carpinteria.

“I have the best of both worlds. A fast paced city life and a humble small town life. And, if in between all the craziness I can read a good book, I’m a happy girl.”

Tessie’s Faves: Glo Therapeutics “I’ve seen it change people’s skin. That’s the sign of a great line.”