Marla Moropoulos

Marla is a transplanted Southern Belle. One who moved west from Alabama a couple decades ago in search of adventure. For 12 years she’s found exactly that at Skin Deep.

Marla Moropoulos Skin Deep Santa Barbara

Although originally Marla entered the world of beauty as a skincare expert, she found her true calling as a cutting edge Hair Stylist, with a particular talent for multi-dimensional coloring….something that takes an artist’s touch.

Her love of adventure means Marla “loves to take a client’s vision and turn it into reality.”… Starting with the image a client brings in is just the beginning.

“When you transform that picture into something to fit her individual coloring and hair type, that’s when it gets exciting. Plus you want to factor in lifestyle. Putting it all together is the recipe for true satisfaction.”

Besides making her clients happy, Marla is the mom of three beautiful children… likes to play basketball, watch football, and is a wonderful cook and baker (her Chocolate Cream Pie is the best!). How could it be otherwise? She’s only being true to those Southern roots.

Marla’s Haircare Product Faves: Pureology “Terrific,” and AG “You have to try it!”